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Driftless coldwater trips
Iowa brown trout from an Iowa coldwater stream
Driftless warmwater trips
Smallmouth on the fly

The state of Iowa has over 50 fishable trout streams, many of which are near us. This gives us the opportunity to choose between silty and lush-green switchback streams in the open prairie to fishing beneath towering limestone bluffs in hardwood forests. The saying "trout don't live in ugly places" is especially true in Iowa.


​​​Along with trout in the Driftless, the smallmouth fishery is fantastic. Smallmouth have a reputation of being fighters, and take an array of flies from surface poppers and mayflies to subsurface baitfish and crayfish patterns.

A float for these fish is one you will not soon forget. We know the fisheries that produce some of these beautiful and healthy native fish. 


 We specialize in trout streams in the Northeast corner of Iowa. Iowa streams stay open to the public year-round, which is unique amongst neighboring states. Some of the best fishing takes place during the late fall, winter, and early spring. ​​​​​

What is the Driftless Region?>>

It's a special place in the Midwest and the world!​


Millions of years ago, glaciers covered a large part of the midwest, missing a small portion of current day NE Iowa, SE Minnesota, and SW Wisconsin. This area is a geographically unique, featuring limestone bluffs, sinkholes, bluffs, and coldwater spring creeks.

Today these streams provide us a rare opportunity to pursue incredible rainbow, brook, and wild brown trout. 

Fly fishing Iowa's spring fed streams.
Brown trout from one of Iowa's coldwater streams
Driftless on the Fly
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